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One of the most important roles of packing is its communicative one. Hence we can consider packing as our first seller and marketer. Good quality packing is a key element of success in sale and export. Obviously the mentioned function is only achievable using new packing technologies whose result is crating added values for the products. More


Hereby, in case of necessity, our esteemed clients are asked to read the information about packing terms in this page and are asked to contact our consultants for further questions. Hence, after receiving sufficient information, you may apply for your order through the ordering section of this website or quote your request via telephonic conversation with our experts. More

Identity Creation

Faradid Shargh Co. with its suitable data bank and good interaction with professional hubs and centers and monitoring-analyzing current condition of the market can consult its clients in production and marketing and provide sufficient information coverage for setting required strategies for how to enter the target market to them. More

Package Industrial Designing

A suitable, endurable, delicate and attractive packing can improve sale and prepare loyalty for consumers. Characteristics of an accepted packing by consumers could include design, shape, size, weight, material, standards and quality; thus a suitable packing is the one maintaining these attributes together with affecting the customer. More

Creative Graphic Design

along producing the best and most suitable packing for products, one of the key factors is the design to be printed on the packing. Faradid Shargh Co. with its numerous experiences and professional designers can prepare the best designs for the products. More

Print design and production

beside having a good design for the packing, the method and quality of printing and the procedure of protecting it is of a great importance. Faradid Shargh Co. is equipped with advanced machines for rotogravure & flexor printing and high quality lamination machines hence can provide such services with a high quality. More

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About Highpacks

Faradid Shargh Co. was established in 1999 with cooperation of experts and consultants of advertisement, packing and printing industries and by its suitable services could achieve a high position in the industry in a short time. Faradid Shargh Co. by developing the range of its activities in 2002 was specifically active in supply and distribution of machines and equipments and serviced in the field of print and packing. Fardid Shargh Co. developed a vaster range of services by providing its clients with new and different types of packing solutions in 2010 especially with flexible packs. Faradid Shargh Co. is willing the success of its clients with providing best solutions by employing the best consultants of marketing and branding.

Faradid Shatgh Co. with applying advanced machines has the capability to produce different types of packing including zippered pouches in different designs and shapes, also it can service its clients all packing solutions and provide them the best packing.

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